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Juniper Knives


Add an elevated yet natural spreader to your best sourdough. The juniper knife was designed as a butter spreader for the Fogo Island Inn. These small wonders hold steady when perched atop a side plate, refrain from slipping and sliding around your charcuterie board, and don’t disturb the peace if they do happen to take a tumble onto the dining room floor.


Crafted from the juniper off-cuts left over after the construction of our Punt Chair, the juniper spreader speaks to the outport Newfoundland tradition of reusing existing materials to solve all manners of design challenges. With a flat back and elegant curves guided by Fogo Island’s woodworking motifs, the juniper construction is resistant to rot and easy to maintain with mild detergent and hand drying. A Chef’s Oil can be reapplied as needed to prolong their longevity.

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