A team of makers utilizing their craft expertise, while helping to conserve cultural heritage.


Fogo Island has centuries-old traditions of quilting, knitting and rug hooking. These skills, born of necessity, have been passed across generations and tell stories of place. Traditionally they were transmitted from mother to daughter, although increasingly island crafts are not so gender specific. Many of the people who create our textiles belong to local maker groups, such as the Winds and Waves Guild, where they find community and a creative hub to share their skills and deepen their knowledge of Fogo island-specific patterns.

Our textiles makers typically sew, knit and hook from home, creating one-of-a kind heirloom items to order. Resourcefulness is in the DNA of Fogo Islanders, and this is reflected in our textile pieces: With remarkable ingenuity, our makers create colourful snake cushions from ends of yarn and intricately patterned quilts with unused vintage and new fabrics. While these craftspeople draw on skills from the past, they imbue their work with a contemporary aesthetic, keeping their work relevant and highly prized in modern times.

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