Connecting the experience of small-scale living on Fogo Island to the modern urban experience.

In outport Newfoundland, it was not uncommon for larger families to live in tight quarters, with multiple generations sometimes living in a single-family saltbox or biscuit box home. Smaller in scale and quieter in aesthetics than our Fogo Island Inn at Home Collection, this new line of furniture emphasizes the dematerialization of objects to minimize resource consumption, while prioritizing longevity.

Modern quilt designs reference heritage patterns and continue the tradition of giving old fabrics new life. These designs tell a contemporary story with a soft and cohesive palette that brings life and tranquility into the home.

What is a “premises”?

“Premises” describes a fishing premises – a collection of outbuildings located along the shore, such as sheds, fishing stages, wharfs, and flakes. A premises was a place where fishers and sometimes merchants would operate their business or process their catch.


    Inspiration Doorstops are simple inventions with a purpose universally understood and respected; we’re not presumptuous enough to believe that we can add all that much utility to an item that...

    Soap Dish with Soap

    Found in all our rooms at the Fogo Island Inn, these handcrafted wooden soap dishes are made across the road in the Fogo Island Workshops. Each dish is paired with...

    Waste Basket

    Inspiration Originally designed for the Fogo Island Inn, Our Waste Baskets are super normal. Reveling in their plainness they don’t need to shout to call your attention. They’re both gratifyingly...

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