Fogo Island, an island in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, is a place of hard rock and cold winds. It is not a place for whim and fancy or waste and indulgence. Living here means being resourceful: making things that work and last.

Our people have made a living from the sea for 400 years and have had to constantly adapt to survive. We seek comfort in tradition while looking forward.

Our collection of furnishings reflects Fogo Island’s continuing adaptation to modernity. By combining contemporary design sensibilities with centuries of knowledge in boat building and homemaking, we have created pieces that carry the past while fortifying our future.

Our approach, first applied for the furnishing of the Fogo Island Inn, is to partner local makers with international designers. They collaborate closely to create design-conscious and joyful pieces that nod to our heritage.

Some Favourites

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