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Get Your Feet Up


Resting is serious business. You don’t skip your Sundays, no sir. There’s a paper to read and a breathtaking view to observe. Lean back and get your feet up.

Putting design in its place, Get Your Feet Up reinterprets historic Newfoundland Outport furniture for the modern context of the Fogo Island Inn. Outport Furniture reflected the contrasting parts of the Newfoundlander’s personalities being both plain; practical in using what was available locally and building what they needed themselves and fancy; bold colour, expressive decoration and humor that fused styles with a disregard for rules and a strong sense of the individual.

Dutch Designer Ineke Hans reinterpreted the classic settle, a wood sofa that was used in the kitchen to have a nap between chores that didn’t require taking off your work clothes and turned it into a modern piece you could do the same with or put in the finest of parlors.


Made to order using ethically grown and regionally sourced birch by our craftspeople in the Fogo Island Woodshop. Available in a range of finishes including Danish Oil, which absorbs into the wood and richens the grain, A clear oil that provides a protective topcoat to the natural appearance of the wood or a coloured painted lacquer colour.

The optional cushions are down filled and use knitting patterns and techniques that were traditionally used to make insulated mittens and socks to create a soft spot as warm and durable as the knitter who made them.

Made To Order 10-12 wks

Please select a wood or lacquer finish from our materials page. After confirmation of purchase, our team will be in contact with you to confirm your finish selections.

Designer Ineke Hans

Materials Yellow Birch

Dimensions 1260 L × 1010 H × 640 W mm

Cut Sheet: Cut_Sheet_-_Get_Your_Feet_Up.pdf

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