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Origins of Originality

Growing up on Fogo Island, Shorefast Founder Zita Cobb developed a deep belief in the inherent value of place and profound respect for the human ways of knowing that emerge from respectful relationships with nature, culture, and community. After building one of the most successful fibre optics businesses in the world, Zita returned home to Fogo Island in the early 2000’s and, along with her brothers Anthony and Alan, founded Shorefast.

In 2016, Zita was awarded the Order of Canada. She volunteers her time and energies to the active direction and management of Shorefast and our projects on Fogo Island.

Watch Zita speak about our work with PBS.



Outport Aesthetics

A meeting of local makers and global designers to examine the traditional furniture vernacular of Outport Newfoundland and determine how it could be carried forward in contemporary form for the Fogo Island Inn


Heritage Quilt Project

Unearthing the patterns and techniques made for generations so they could be preserved and reinvigoratd by elevating them on to the world stage


Fogo Island Inn

Opening to global acclaim, Fogo Island Inn was full of fittings, furnishings and decor designed and made locally wiht each piece being a cultural artifact


SUF Hall Restoration

The Society of United Fishermen Hall is the most magical workshop this side of The North Pole and home to Fogo Island Workshops. The painstaking restoration helped give new meaning to a place built for building community


Putting Design in its Place

A meeting of design leaders includes Ilse Crawford, Ernst Hupel, Barbara Barry and Bruce Mau comes together to understand and advocate for community-centred design


Colours of Fogo Island

Colourist Giulio Ridolfo scanned and surveyed the environment to create a palette of colours that reflect the natural palette of Fogo Island


Premises Collection

A new collection of designs connecting the shared experience of the traditional salt box houses with the modern urban one is launched


ROM Recognition

The Punt Chair by designer Elaine Fortin and maker Don Wells, is included in the the Canadian Modern exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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