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    Corridor Bench

    Details Specs Inspiration The plain-spoken Bench won’t steal the show but is happy to play a supporting role wherever it may be performing. The long variety could serve in a...

    Bridge Bench

    Details Specs Inspiration Putting design in its place means even a small space. A Fogo Islander commented “We didn’t have much but enough was enough.” The small salt box houses...

    Get Your Feet Up

    Details Specs Inspiration Resting is serious business. You don’t skip your Sundays, no sir. There’s a paper to read and a breathtaking view to observe. Lean back and get your...

    Dog Rose Puppy

    Details Specs Inspiration Who doesn’t want a puppy? Loyal, playful, delectably lopsided. And at your heels whenever you need them. This simple design of this puppy lifts the feeling of...

    Long Bench

    Details Specs Inspiration Families were big and boisterous in Outport Newfoundland. Multiple generations and branches piled into small salt box rooms to dine, debate, dance, make music together and space...

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