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Paddye Mann Throw


Paddye Mann was born and raised in Newfoundland. For over 30 years she has chosen to work with her talented team from the rural village of Pakenham, Ontario.

Her passion has always been to produce beautifully made, custom clothing - taking the time and care learned from her mentors in Newfoundland. This focus has earned Paddye and her company loyal clients, national awards, and a fellowship in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.

The throw blankets and shawls were designed in a collaboration between Paddye Mann the design team at the Fogo Island Inn. The shawls and throws were inspired by a poor boy sweater Paddye's Grandmother knit for her in the 1960’s. Available in a wide palette of dark to vibrant colours, they are the favourite way of the Fogo Island Inn guests to get cozy. Get in touch with our team to discuss in-stock colour options.


From the hills of New Zealand comes the world’s most desired wool is spin. It is special wool from the Merino sheep and highly sought for its characteristics. Its unique insulating properties regulate your temperature on cool or warm days. It is strong and will not lose its shape, and yet is soft, delicate and light to the touch. It doesn't scratch the skin but caresses and comforts.

Paddye Mann uses this unique and exceptional wool to create beautiful sweaters. Each shipment of Merino wool is a single colour, just enough for one throw and each colour is itself special. No two throws will ever be exactly the same. Yours is singular to you.

Designer Paddye Mann

Materials Superfine Merino

Dimensions 1727 mm

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