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Fogo House


The fishing stage is an iconic and integral part of Outport Newfoundland. They stand delicately and perilously above the water and is where the inshore fishery brought its bounty to prepare salted cod for trade with merchants.  

The advent of industrialized fishing devastated the inshore fishery and negated the use for these beautiful structures that dance above the water and rocks. The Fogo Island Inn and Fogo Island Arts Studios carry on this tradition of balancing in the air and our little Fogo House Stage is a pint-sized tribute to these buildings as they gradually disappear.

The decorative item is also a small puzzle that requires you to find the right spot to put the stilt in that the fisherman had to also find when building these stages themselves. Made of birch and painted in our Fogo House Red.

Designer Adrien Rovero

Dimensions 101 L × 63 W × 108 H mm


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