In the 1960s, Fogo Island was chosen as one of the locations to participate in a program put forward by the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador, called “Challenge for Change.” This program allowed communities to use film and video to incite social change. Due to the isolated nature of Fogo Island during that time, it was not uncommon for people to stay within the boundaries of their own community.

By recording people talking about the issues, and then playing those recordings back to those in different communities, everyone was able to get a global view of what the larger problems of the island were and work together towards resolving them.

Drawing direct inspiration from one of those films, “The Children of Fogo Island”, Japanese designer Wataru Kumano reimagined the unsteady legs of the walking stilts often used in play by kids on the island. As part of the Premises Collection, the Stilt series is completely contemporary while embodying an important cultural context.

The Stilt Cocktail Table has a sturdy top surface matched with a playful and slightly off-kilter base that mirrors the whimsical nature of these traditional toys. 


Made using regionally sourced birch by our craftspeople at Fogo Island Workshops. Available in a range of finishes including hand-buffed Danish Oil, which deepens the amber colour of the wood, and White Oil, which neutralizes the amber tone for a raw matte look. Both absorb into the wood and richen the grain. A variety of coloured lacquers are available. Custom colours or sizing are available on request.

Stilt Cocktail Table

Designer Wataru Kumano
Finish Danish Oil, White Oil, or Coloured Lacquer
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Stilt Cocktail Table
Stilt Cocktail Table

Stilt Cocktail Table

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