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Sweetheart Puppy


Who doesn’t want a puppy? Loyal, playful, delectably lopsided. And at your heels whenever you need them. This simple design of this puppy lifts the feeling of any space with colour and lightheartedness. It can follow you around the room as needed for multiple uses, so don’t keep it on too short of a leash. Adopting a litter of three Puppies that cuddle up in a nest together to save space when not roaming around the house in encouraged.

Newfoundlander Nick Herder, an architect and designer who worked on Fogo Island Inn, was charged with designing a side table that would waste nothing and want nothing. He took a jig saw on-site and cut out the first Puppy Table out of a single piece of wood. The whimsical lines are true to Outport Newfoundland furniture that are simple in concept but expressive of the individual.

Twinflower Puppy – Rolling around in the grass after a bath it begs for a belly scratch

Sweetheart Puppy – Clumsy and adorable paws that swell the heart

Tiptoe Puppy – The art of being mischievous takes delicate balancing act of tiptoeing

Dogrose Puppy – A full grown puppy that still maintains it’s playfulness the Dogrose Puppy bench is a loveable lug


The three side tables are made in three sizes using ethically grown and regionally sourced birch by our craftspeople in the Fogo Island Woodshop. Available in a range of finishes including Danish Oil, which absorbs into the wood and richens the grain, a clear oil that provides a protective topcoat to the natural appearance of the wood or a coloured painted lacquer colour. Colour can be applied to the inside or outside of the table in combination with an oiled finish.

Made To Order 4-6 wks

If you would like a painted finish on the inside, outside or both sides, please select from our materials page. After confirmation of purchase, our team will be in contact with you to confirm your paint finish selections.

Designer Nick Herder

Materials Yellow Birch


350 L × 530 H × 350 W mm – Small

430 L × 560 H × 380 W mm – Medium

510 L × 610 H × 405 W mm – Large

Cut Sheet: Cut_Sheet_-_Puppy_Tables.pdf

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